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    Hey guys,

    with initial install/testing now behind us, and significant feedback received from all those involved to iron out any bugs and how to make these the best value coilovers on the market (I would personally like to thank every one of our testers!), we are now proud to announce the Offical Pre-Order List for the 1st production batch of YCW Suspension Reference Series Coilovers!

    Why YCW Suspension?
    For those of you whom are not familiar with YCW Engineering (i.e those who did not know about our Carbon Driveshaft Pre-order on this forum), we are the parent company for MFactory (LSD's, Axles, Clutches, Flywheels etc). Whilst MFactory is but a "brand", YCW is the engineering company behind it all, with our own in-house manufacturing facility in Taiwan with several million dollars worth of specialist CNC and Measuring/Diagnosis Equipment.

    You're probably wondering why/how a Drivetrain company can develop and manufacture Coilover Kits? Well, the majority of the components that make up a Coilover Kit are machined (which is where we excel over other Coilover brands due to our in-house manufacturing experience), so not only do we do the final assembly of our Coilover Kits ourselves (which is the easy part that any company can do; infact, the majority of Coilover brands on the market, including the high-end companies, outsource their manufacturing as they do not have the experience nor equipment to do it themselves), we machine all of the "machined" components ourselves (and those familiar with MFactory can testify to the quality of our machined components).

    For those familiar with Taiwan, you will know that the light-industrial industry is a very close community, mostly all located in Taichung (which is where we are located). Whilst there are lot of Coilover "Assembly" companies (i.e most of the budget mass-market crap that comes out of Taiwan), there are several Tier-1 manufacturers (i.e while they do not provide/export the entire suspension system, they do provide/export specific components that make up the suspension system to both oem and the high-end European/Japanese Coilover brands) all located within a stone-throws distance from us. Some of these Tier-1 manufacturers do offer their own Coilover Kits (Taiwan Bor-Chuann i.e BC Racing, is probably the most well known), but due to contracts-in-place, are unable to use the same technology/high-end components supplied to their customers in their own kits, and this is the reason why Taiwan coilovers get such a bad rep; they are the closest the manufacturer can offer to the higher-end brands without breaking any contracts. The result? A sub-par own-brand product.

    But what about the testing/diagnosis? That's the million-dollar-question, and why being within a stone-throws distance from these Tier-1 manufacturers has its benefits. Whilst their own-brand products may be sub-par, they are legally obligated to possess (either self-owned, or provided/subsidised by their customers) the required specialist equipment to test and diagnose the parts they are manufacturing. So while we do not personally possess the same specialist equipment, we do have unrestricted access to it. And in case you were wondering, no, we do not have a relationship with BC Racing; we partner with a different Tier-1.

    Recognising the stigma that is normally associated with Taiwanese products, a simple look below at our product specifications, manufacturing process and the advanced technology utilised in our Reference Series Coilovers will hopefully alleviate such concerns and explain why our offering is not simply just another Generic Taiwan Coilover!

    What we are offering
    After countless hours of research into the various coilover setups currently available on the market, we noticed that there is a gap in the market for a mid-range setup that:

    1) Offers premium real-world features, at an affordable price point
    2) Offers local (North American and European) facilities for rebuild and servicing

    Whilst there are a lot of generic (i.e budget) setups available on the market at the moment, they are basically all the same/similar design (i.e generic) and have not changed over the past 15 years, with prices ranging from $1000-2000; the more expensive only being due to the "brand" and the "assembled in XXX label" rather than the design features (the components are all still manufactured in China, Taiwan or Korea). Infact, the top selling Budget Taiwanese Coilovers that are currently plaguing the market at the moment are all manufactured from the same (stolen) technical drawings originating from Taiwan Bor-Chuann!


    Of course, we fully understand that, rather than reinventing the book, it is best to stick to tried-and-tested designs (especially for the street car) hence why all the current setups available are very similar. It is because of this gap, we at YCW Engineering decided to design and manufacture a quality mid-range solution from scratch that meets our #1 priority; Value for Money. Whilst there is a large demand for premium setups designed for the high-end race car, our aim with our Reference Series Coilovers is to bring some of the more advanced real-world features from the premium setups, incorporate them into a package suitable for the everyday street car, and offer them at an affordable price point without sacrificing on technical support and servicing

    At only marginally more cost than a good/established budget setup, you get a higher quality, better performing mid-range coilover solution with an industry-leading warranty, unparalleled after-sales technical support and product servicing that you have come to know from our MFactory brand.

    YCW Reference Series Coilovers
    - Spec'd for Superior Performance
    - Priced for Affordability
    - Over-Engineered for Comfort & Safety

    Limited Lifetime Warranty on Hard Parts
    - Warrantied against Manufacturers Defects
    - Non-Transferable. Registration and Proof-of-Purchase Required
    - Hard Parts include: Upper/Lower Mounts, Spring Perches, Locking Collars, Shock Body and Piston Rod

    Limited 1 Year Warranty on Wear Parts
    - Warrantied against Manufacturers Defects
    - Non-Transferable. Registration and Proof-of-Purchase Required
    - Wear Parts include: Bearings, Seals, Shock Internals and Springs (SWIFT do provide a Lifetime Warranty against Spring Sag)

    Local Assembly
    - All North American Coilovers are assembled at our San Dimas (California) facility
    - All European Coilovers are assembled at our Leyland (UK) facility
    - All Rest-of-world Coilovers are assembled at our Taiwan facility

    Local Service Facilities
    - North America: San Dimas, USA. Warranty Claims, Rebuild Services and Re-valving Services available
    - Europe: Leyland, United Kingdom. Warranty Claims, Rebuild Services and Re-valving Services available
    - Asia-Pacific: Taichung, Taiwan. Warranty Claims, Rebuild Services and Re-valving Services available

    Forged 6061-T6 Hard Anodised Aluminium Front Upper Mounts

    - Strong and Lightweight, our Forged Upper Mounts are Hard Anodised for superior Corrosion Resistance

    Forged 6061-T6 Hard Anodised Aluminium Rear Upper Mounts
    - Strong and Lightweight, our Forged Upper Mounts are Hard Anodised for superior Corrosion Resistance

    High-Tensile Carbon Steel Front Camber & Caster Plate with Anti-Slip Coating
    - CNC-Machined High-Tensile Carbon Steel supports more load than lesser-quality mounts
    - Camber Angles can be adjusted precisely to your driving needs
    - Caster Angles can also be fine tuned

    Oversized PTFE-Lined Japanese Spherical Upper Mount Bushing
    - Increases shock articulation and prevents coil-bowing
    - Higher load rating for increased durability
    - Minimises knocking noise associated with lesser-quality bearings

    Forged 6061-T6 Hard Anodised Aluminium Upper Spring Perch with Sealed Japanese Radial Bearing
    - Strong and Lightweight, our Forged Upper Spring Perches are Hard Anodised for superior Corrosion Resistance
    - High Quality Sealed Japanese Radial Bearing removes rotational stress from the upper mount and is sealed from the elements

    65mm ID Cold-Wound Japanese HS5.TW Steel Linear Springs from SWIFT
    - Made in Japan by Tohatsu Spring Company, SWIFT Springs are made from the highest quality Japanese-grade spring steel, using proprietary manufacturing processes. These are the #1 Performance Coilover Spring on the market, providing an industry leading +/- 3% deviance from rated load over the entire stroke, and are backed by SWIFT's Lifetime Warranty against Spring Sag
    - Not all springs are manufactured the same. Lesser-quality, Taiwanese-manufactured springs offer inferior performance and durability
    - Although more expensive, we believe the increase in performance more than offsets the increase in manufacturing costs

    OEM-Balanced Spring Rates
    - The majority of budget coilovers currently on the market offer default spring rates that deviate from the oem-balanced spring rates
    - By not accounting for Motion Ratio Calculations and just replicating race-car setups, this results in a very unbalanced and uncomfortable ride on a Street Car
    - All Reference Series Coilovers are supplied with oem-balanced spring rates, offering you increased performance without sacrificing ride comfort

    52mm OD Cold-Drawn Japanese SAE 1020 Seamless Carbon Steel Shock Body
    - Offers superior physical properties and strength-to-weight ratio over lesser manufacturing processes

    Black-Zinc Plated Fully-Threaded Shock Body with 250hrs of Salt-Spray Testing
    - Offers superior corrosion-resistance
    - All production coilovers will include a Salt-Spray Test Certificate

    Forged SAE 4140 Chromoly Steel Piston Rod
    - Monotube shocks, although offering increased performance over Twintube shocks, have an inherent weakness; a load-bearing Piston Rod
    - Our over-engineered solution to the problem, with only a marginal increase in manufacturing costs, is our proprietary Chromoly Steel Piston Rod. We are the only company to manufacture this type of Piston Rod, and is currently used by several high-end European brands under a "transfer-of-technology" agreement
    - Offering a substantial increase in tensile strength over lesser-quality rods, it significantly increases product safety
    - All production dampers will be QC sealed with batch number and date/time of assembly

    Ceramic Piston Rod Guide
    - A common issue with the majority of budget coilovers currently on the market is performance-sapping deflection, shaft-play and friction, even after only limited usage
    - Through the innovative use of our "transfer-of-technology" agreement, our advanced Piston Rod Guide, which is also used in higher-end Ferraris, significantly minimises deflection, shaft-play and friction, allowing you to reap the performance benefits for a longer period of time

    7-Level Rebound Adjustment
    - Our Reference Series Coilovers allow 7 levels of Rebound Adjustments, allowing you to fine-tune your vehicle comfort and handling
    - Unlike the majority of budget coilovers currently on the market, with their 30+ Level Adjustments, you can physically feel the difference between each adjustment
    - In this particular case, more is not better; it's simply an inconvenience and setup-nightmare

    44mm OD Forged 7075-T6 Hard Anodised Aluminium Digressive-Blow-Off DBO Piston™
    - Through the innovative use of our "transfer-of-technology" agreement, our DBO Piston™ is over-engineered for superior strength, with anti-stiction and anti-friction properties
    - At lower shock speeds (Cornering), our DBO Piston™ maintains a higher damping force, offering increased responsiveness and stability
    - At higher shock speeds (Bumps), our DBO Piston™ maintains a lower damping force, offering increased comfort and control
    - All production coilovers will include a custom shock dyno graph

    Silkolene PRO RSF VI-460 Damper Oil
    - A proprietary formula providing consistent damping over a wide temperature range and superior anti-stiction/anti-friction properties. This is one of the best, if not the best, damper fluids on the market, as used by several high-end European brands

    Viton Performance O-Rings
    - Upgraded O-Rings offering better performance and durability than lesser-quality Rubber O-Rings

    Forged 6061-T6 Hard Anodised Lower Spring Perch Locking Collar
    - Strong and Lightweight, our Forged Locking Collars are Hard Anodised for superior Corrosion Resistance
    - 1pc Locking Collars, providing secure and hassle-free adjustments

    Fully-Threaded Forged 6061-T6 Hard Anodised or High-Tensile Carbon Steel Lower Mounts
    - Threaded Lower Mounts allows us to use a longer shock body for increased performance
    - Shock Stroke is unaffected by Ride Height changes
    - Allows an increased Height Adjustment range

    Silicone Lower Mount End Caps (Application Dependant)
    - High Quality Weather-Proof End Caps for MacPherson lower mounts, preventing water and dirt from entering the the lower shock body

    Weather-proof Neoprene Shock Covers
    - High Quality Weather-Proof Shock Covers, preventing water and dirt from clogging up the shock assembly

    Fully Rebuildable
    - Our Reference Series Coilovers are fully rebuildable, with spare parts always in stock and available for purchase directly from one of our local service facilities

    BMW 335i Fitment (SWIFT Springs not shown)

    Ford Focus Fitment (SWIFT Springs not shown)

    Softest Setting (this is shown just as an example of our digressive curve, and is not your actual damper)

    Hardest Setting (this is shown just as an example of our digressive curve, and is not your actual damper)

    Reviews of our initial test samples:
    BMW 335i - http://www.n54tech.com/forums/showthread.php?t=42704
    VW Golf GTi - http://www.golfmk6.com/forums/showthread.php?t=105309
    Ford Focus ST - http://www.focusst.org/forum/focus-st-builds/27127-practical-enthusiast-s-build-post1081460.html


    BMW E46 3-Series (4K/12K) - $1849.95 + Shipping
    BMW E46 M3 (4K/12K) - $1849.95 + Shipping
    BMW E8X 1-Series (4K/12K) - $1849.95 + Shipping
    BMW E9X 3-Series (4K/12K) - $1849.95 + Shipping
    BMW E9X 3-Series X-Drive (4K/12K) - $1849.95 + Shipping
    BMW E9X M3 (4K/12K) - $1849.95 + Shipping
    Ford Focus mk3 ST (4K/5K) - $1699.95 + Shipping
    VW Golf mk5 GTi (5K/7K) - $1699.95 + Shipping
    VW Golf mk6 GTi (5K/7K) - $1699.95 + Shipping

    Custom Spring Rates: If your chosen spring rate does not deviate +/- 2K from our standard rates, no additional charge, otherwise, it will be an additional $50/corner due to having to custom order your springs from SWIFT

    Pre-Order Price: 35% Discount off MSRP
    Requirements: 50% deposit required in advance. Remainder (50% + shipping) will be due upon shipping
    Tax: 9% CA Sales Tax applies to all orders in California. 20% VAT applies to all orders within the EU. Rest-of-world will pay their local duty/tax directly to their Government
    ETA: Production will begin in January, with an expected shipping date of March 2017

    Note: For those who were part of the initial testing, you may upgrade to the newer SWIFT Springs at a special discounted price of $200/set + Shipping (that's 50% off MSRP)

    If you are interested in joining the Pre-Order List, please PM me.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask :)
  2. JazRedGT

    JazRedGT Specialist

    So roughly $1300 for your 335i coilovers after discount and shipping.
  3. MFactory

    MFactory Specialist Vendor

    Correct :)
  4. Bnks334

    Bnks334 Specialist

    Just got my set in from round 2 testing. Everything came individually wrapped and packaged. Can't wait to get them installed and post up a review!

    Just an fyi (E82 relevant data), Round two testing for the "sport" setup came with 6k/12k springs. Not sure if they went back to 4k/12k like stated in this post. 4k/12k maintains the factory F:R frequency bias while providing effective wheel rates slighter stiffer than the rates an M3 would come with. Think BMW performance springs, but 4k/12k would be roughly 1.4x stiffer than BMWPS (or roughly 1.9x stiffer than Msport rates). This provides for a pretty well balanced setup for both daily driving and HPDE use. The performance only gets better when paired with the digressive valving (something cheaper coil-overs, like BC or fortune auto, don't come with unless you pay more to upgrade). The 6k/12k rates, if they are also still offering that, is also a great match for cars that haven't done as much modification to the rest of the suspension.
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  5. Antbox

    Antbox Private

    Very tempting
  6. Wow, and I was about to buy some MCA Red Series coil overs for closer to $3k. This is giving me something to consider lol
  7. MFactory

    MFactory Specialist Vendor

    Yup, our standard rates will be 4K/12K, as these are oem-balanced, offering both a comfortable ride and good stability under cornering (especially now with the upgraded SWIFT Springs). If you are going to be playing around with larger swaybars (which will upset the oem balance), then you can custom spec your own spring rates. Whilst we can provide advice on this, custom spring rates are just that: custom; we will not be held liable for a bad/uncomfortable ride. As mentioned above, +/- 2K is available at no charge (due to us bulk buying our springs from Tohatsu), but anything over that will require a custom spring order.

    The whole reason for our Reference Series Coilovers (i.e our "Street" coilovers) is to provide the daily driver with a high quality performance coilover kit at a reasonable mid-range price, with our target market being those currently served by FA, KW, Bilstein etc. Please do not compare these to the high-end track-orientated coilovers like Penske, Moton etc
  8. Might not be the best place to ask, but could someone give a short explanation on spring rates? I'd like to know the context of what 4K/12K actually means and how it translates into performance. Thank you very much!
  9. MFactory

    MFactory Specialist Vendor

    The oem spring rates are around 2.xK/6.xK, so our rates are basically twice the stiffness of the oem setup. As we have kept the front/rear balance ratio, the comfort/handling associated with the oem setup won't be affected (it will obviously be stiffer though). The performance increase, couple with the new dampers, will be significant i.e More traction, more stability, less body roll etc
  10. MFactory

    MFactory Specialist Vendor

    Image of our new Neoprene Damper Covers (production covers will have our YCW logo on it):

  11. MFactory

    MFactory Specialist Vendor

    We have 1 set left to be allocated from the January Production Batch (Shipping in March) @ 35% Discount ($1202.47)

    MSRP is $1849.95, so don't miss out on this opportunity!
  12. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    I'm so tempted, but literally I've got too many parts in my garage right now which aren't installed.
  13. MFactory

    MFactory Specialist Vendor

    250hr Salt-Spray Test Certificate:

  14. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Can these do stock ride height? Are they adjustable front and rear without taking them out?
  15. MFactory

    MFactory Specialist Vendor

    Yup, can go from stock to around 3 inches.

    Fully adjustable; don't need to remove the dampers to adjust.
  16. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    And a set is mine :)
  17. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    My coilovers showed up!

  18. MFactory

    MFactory Specialist Vendor

    Due to cancellation, we have 1 set of our Non X-Drive fitment in stock that we can let go for the same as the original pre-order pricing. Pre-assembled with the Swift springs and ready to ship!

    If anyone is interested, please PM me :)
  19. Jsherry20

    Jsherry20 Sergeant

    For X drive cars, does the adjustment knob on the top clear the strut tower bar? I have Sonic Tuning coilovers and the adjustment knob hits the strut tower bar.
  20. MFactory

    MFactory Specialist Vendor

    If the strutbar is the same as the regular 335i, then yes. You need to remove the adjustment knob, or use an aftermarket/M3 strutbar

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