DBV2 and SpoolStreet

Jan 23, 2017

Hello, I'm John from DBV2 Sport Imports. Im here today in cooperation with SpoolStreet and the launch of their brand new Audi/VW forum. SpoolStreet has been an integral part of the BMW community for some time now and it has turned into the fastest growing and largest forum for BMW enthusiasts.

As you can tell, this is no average forum. Its far more integrated and advanced with a slew of features that work for the forum user and vendors looking to reach the community with exciting deals and content. Now we have the opportunity to be a part of this new expansion to the platform that started it all for us here at DBV2, the VW and Audi platforms!

Currently we offer our 1/4 mile record holding turbocharger, the DBV2 Journal Bearing and Triple Ball Bearing in two sizes, the V1 and V2.



DBV2 Hybrid IS38 Specifications:
Compressor Wheel
-V1 Forged billet aluminum, extended tip 6+6 compressor
-V2 Forged billet aluminum, extended tip 5+5 compressor

Turbine Wheel
-High flow, lightweight, fast spooling 9 blade turbine with clipped design

-Precision CNC machined compressor and turbine housings to house the larger wheels and upgraded center section
-Robust thrust bearing design with high surface area to withstand high boost pressures
-Retains OEM housing clocking for easy fitment
-Full TD06 CHRA for all Journal Bearing Turbos
-Full Billet bearing housing for all Triple Ball Bearing Turbos

-Stock appearance
-Component balanced
-1 year standard warranty
-Stainless Braided Oil Lines
-DBV2 Turbo Muffler Delete

Optional Extras:
Turbine housing ceramic coating
For excellent heat management in the engine bay.
Exhaust Porting
Port the exhaust side of your turbo to match the gasket size, ensuring best possible flow!
DBV2 Turbo Inlet Pipe


Another reason you can feel confident working with us is because we can offer you an entire package from start to finish and everything in between. We will not sell you a turbo and leave the rest up to you. From install help to fueling and tuning, we can offer a complete package to make the experience with us as seamless as possible. Customer support after the purchase does not end. We work closely with select tuners and aftermarket suppliers to ensure that you will be getting the best possible results and reliability for your car and your needs.
We have the full line of Precision Raceworks fueling upgrades available. Fuel pumps in varying sizes and port injection are readily available along with the ability to make them function properly.


We have some really exciting stuff coming this year. Zac Ross, our sponsored Time Attack GTI will be hitting the circuit once again with his very competitive MK7 GTI with a very well sorted setup this year at CSCS and Gridlife! Last year he took a big 1st place finish at Gridlife Midwest and set a new track record. He also took 2nd overall at CSCS in an extremely competitve field. Check him out on IG @zac_ross_racing
We've got our new billet centre housings about to hit the market as well as our lightweight compressor wheels from RHB Turbochargers, a valued partner we have worked closely with.
Also don't forget about our new N54 Bottom Mount Single Turbo kit is about to launch officially right here on SpoolStreet.


Dont forget to check out our social media as well
IG: @dbv2
Facebook: DBV2 Sport Imports


Figured I would share the 1/4 Mile times, the slips to back them up and some dyno results below. Enjoy! 10.48 at 131MPH is a stock block, stock internals engine running our Journal Bearing V2 Hybrid.





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