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  1. ABR Houston's first Black Friday sale goes live from 8AM CST to 3pm CST.
    Here's how it works.
    You want a built engine?
    I gotcha, fam.

    • 1000 dollars off of our stroker fully built Punisher series engines

    • 500 dollars off of our Punisher lite series.

    I have a Punisher lite (forged JE pistons, head studs) in stock, ready to ship immediately. It's bolted to a pallet and shrink wrapped.

    I have 2 strokers in progress of assembly, one with a Stg3 CNC ported head and Ferrea valve train, the other with a stock head, and can ship within 2 weeks.
    Other configurations are available as well.

    CNC closed deck blocks.
    ARP 2000 head studs
    All strokers get ARP 2000 main studs
    Proprietary Oliver custom connecting rods
    NASCAR rod bearings
    Closed deck
    Block work performed on a Sunnen CK10 honing machine with custom deck plate
    Cylinder head work performed on Sunnen and Serdi valve machines
    All engines balanced with .05 gram
    All components thoroughly checked and inspected
    Proprietary set up and custom made jigs to assemble.
    Rotating torque checked
    All fasteners marked after torquing.

    Please send an email to [email protected] with "Punisher" in the subject line.
    We can get you all sorted out, but you MUST send that email on Friday to get it!
    Any questions, please shoot them my way.

    stroker crank.jpg stroker rods.jpg headstuds.jpg n54.jpg 13697055_1240678469298437_7410047650732527142_n.jpg 14955944_1343496032350013_6558818392721062570_n.jpg
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    That is sexy! I didn't know you did a closed deck? Any details on that? Pricing?
  3. yes sir, all Punisher series engines get a closed deck, unless specifically requested.
    Pricing is dependent on horsepower goals, budget and what needs to be replaced during the rebuild process.
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